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Akkuş Mold

It continues to produce customer needs in the most effective and cost-effective way, in a service approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

About Us

About Us
Our company, which started its activities in 2000, is proceeding on its way to become one of the leading companies in the sector with the power and confidence it receives from our valuable customers, with its total 1800 m2 closed production facility with 30 years experience in plastic and aluminum injection molds sector.AKKUŞ KALIP is a company specialized in plastic and aluminum injection molds. We produce quality technological molds with professional staff for plastic and aluminum sector in our company.Our company is trying to take top positions in interior and exterior markets by increasing its activities in design, project and mold production.AKKUŞ KALIP offers the molds you can use in your works with high quality and competitive prices.AKKUŞ KALIP is trusted to fulfill the most demanding requirements of the customers' projects. Our company also offers quality service at competitive and affordable prices.We are not only searching for your suppliers as your suppliers, but also looking for energetic ways to optimize your patterns.We have strict quality control procedures to make a good mold and to satisfy our customers, we are feedbacking and improving our customers to achieve excellence.We analyze, develop and complement any existing mold problems that can not reach your demands and specifications. We present solutions to what we will develop to solve the problem with the subject. We always listen to our customers. We do not classify your problem in a preset molding solution. We take the time to learn your business needs, challenges and productio

Our Mision

    In line with its values and visions, it is to be a pioneering organization which is in compliance with technological developments in the plastic and aluminum injection mold sector, and which ensures the satisfaction of its customers without sacrificing the quality and reliability principles.